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Cleaning & Maintenance

Pool Cleaning

Is your pool green? Do you have trouble keeping your water clear? A swimming pool is a big investment. Keeping your pool water chemically balanced year round helps ensure you get the optimal life out of your pool liner, pump, filter, and heater.

Let our friendly staff handle the task of maintaining your pool for you so you can enjoy a clean, crystal clear pool – hassle free.

We offer weekly, biweekly or monthly pool cleaning services to fit your individual needs. Pool maintenance such as keeping your water chemically balanced year round, and making sure your pool is properly closed in the winter is very important.

Water not maintained properly can become very acidic or toxic eating away at your pool parts and making it unsafe for swimmers. Let us help you protect your investment.

Spring Pool Opening

Dreading opening your pool because of a mess that might be lurking under the winter cover?

Our friendly knowledgeable staff can open, clean, and chemically balance your pool water for you.

Take the stress out of your pool opening by calling the professionals at Mowry Brothers Pools. We would be happy to help.

Fall Pool Closing

Not sure if you’ve been closing or winterizing your pool properly?

Worried something could go wrong over the winter causing added repair costs in the spring?

Mowry Brothers Pools offers winter closing services to ensure your pool is protected during the winter months. Winters in New England can be very harsh. We’ve repaired countless broken lines and pump and filter parts on pools that haven’t been closed properly.

If you’re not sure that your pool is being closed properly, give us a call. We’d be happy to give you peace of mind throughout the winter months