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Upgrades & Repairs

Liner Replacement

Is your pool losing water? Did your pool liner get damaged over the winter?

If you wait on repairing your pool liner the rest of your pool could get damaged adding to the costs to repair it.

Mowry Brothers pools owners and staff have extensive knowledge of liner replacement and repair.

We install liners in all sizes and shapes of inground swimming pools.

Pool Plumbing

Are you having trouble getting your pool running in the spring? Do you think you might have a broken plumbing line? Is your pool losing water? Did your motor suddenly stop working? Are you having a hard time getting your pool clean?

Mowry Brothers can answer all of these questions for you. Our staff and crew have been plumbing pools with the latest industry standards for years. Let us help relieve your worries.

We proudly offer Installation or replacement of pool filters, valves, pumps, heaters, chlorinators and re-plumbing outdated or damaged lines. 

Loop-loc Safety Cover Installation

What kind of winter cover do you have on your pool? Is it a large tarp held on with water tubes or other heavy objects? Is opening and cleaning your pool in the spring a nightmare? Are you nervous someone or something could fall into your pool over the winter?

Take the stress and worry out of closing and opening your pool with a Loop-Loc safety cover. We have been installing Loop-Loc Safety covers for about 25 years.

Loop-loc covers anchor to your existing pool deck and keep the elements and unexpected visitors out. They’re called safety covers for a reason.

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