Pool maintenance such as keeping your water chemically balanced year round, making sure your pool is properly closed in the winter is very important. Is your pool green? Do you have trouble keeping your water clear? A swimming pool is a big investment. Keeping your pool water chemically balanced year round helps ensure you get the optimal life out of your pool liner, pump ,filter, and heater. Water not maintained properly can become very acidic eating away at your pool parts. Let us help you protect your investment. Mowry brothers pools knows that winters in New England can be very harsh. We’ve repaired countless broken lines and pump and filter parts on pools that haven’t been closed properly. If you’re not sure that your pool is being closed properly, give us a call. We’d be happy to give you peace of mind throughout the winter months

Liner Replacement

Is your pool losing water? Did your pool liner get damaged over the winter? If you wait on repairing your pool liner the rest of your pool could get damaged adding costs to repair it. Mowry Brothers pools staff has an extensive knowledge of liner replacement and repair. With over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge we know what it takes to get your pool back up and running. A liner replacement includes: draining pool, removal and disposal of old liner, removal of skimmer and return faceplates, removal of pool lights and faceplates, minor repairs to pool base, a new 28 mil liner appropriate to your pool size installed, all new faceplates and gaskets, filling pool with water and chemically balancing, start-up of pool filtration system and initial cleaning of pool. From start to finish we handle it all. All you have to do is swim. So don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cleanings

Let our friendly staff handle the task of maintaining your pool for you. So that you can enjoy a clean, crystal clear pool hassle free. A cleaning includes vacuuming of the pool, vinyl washing of the exposed liner, testing chemical readings, cleaning of vinyl steps and skimmers, emptying baskets, backwashing filtration system. We offer weekly and biweekly pool cleaning services to fit your individual needs.


Dreading opening your pool because of a mess that might be lurking under the winter cover? Mowry Brothers Pools makes opening a cinch. Our friendly knowledgeable staff can open, clean, and chemically balance your pool water for you. An opening includes initial start-up chemicals. Removal of winter cover folded neatly in an accessible location. Unplugging skimmer and return lines. Installation of skimmer baskets and return nozzles. Initial start-up of pump and filtration system. Take the stress out of your pool opening by calling the professionals at Mowry Brothers Pools.


Not sure if you’ve been closing or winterizing your pool properly? Worried something could go wrong over the winter causing added repair costs in the spring?
Mowry Brothers Pools offers winter closing services to ensure your pool is protected from the harsh winter months. Closings include: removal of skimmer baskets, suction grates and return nozzles, chemically balancing of pool water(chemicals included in closing), removal of ladders and handrails, blowing water out of lines and plugging lines under pressure, winterizing pump and filtration system, putting on the winter cover.


Are you having trouble getting your pool running in the spring? Do you think you might have a broken plumbing line? Is your pool losing water? Did your motor suddenly stop working? Are you having a hard time getting your pool clean? Mowry Brothers can answer all of these questions for you. Mowry Brothers Pools has been plumbing pools with the latest industry standards for years. Let us help relieve your worries. We proudly offer Installation or replacement of pool filters, valves , pumps, heaters, chlorinators and re-plumbing outdated or damaged lines. Contact us for a free assessment and quote.

Refurbishing or Updating

Do you have an older pool? Is your pool in need of repairs and you want to freshen up or update the look of you pool? Do you have a wooden deck and want a concrete patio instead? We can help. We offer coping replacement, pool liner replacement ,streamlining plumbing, concrete patio installation or replacement, repairs or replacement of skimmer and return lines. Do you want to gain more swimming time at the beginning and end of the season? Mowry Brothers pools offers Hayward pool heater sales and complete installation.

Loop-loc Cover Sales and Installation

What kind of winter cover do you have on your pool? Is it a large tarp held on with water tubes or other heavy objects? Is opening and cleaning your pool in the spring a nightmare? Are you nervous someone or something will fall in your pool over the winter? Take the stress and worry out of closing and opening your pool with a Loop-Loc safety cover. Mowry Brothers Pools has been installing Loop-loc winter cover for years. Loop-loc covers anchor to your existing pool deck and keep the elements and unexpected visitors out. They’re called safety covers for a reason.
Give yourself peace of mind. Contact us today for a free estimate.